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Base Camp 101: Choosing the Right Family Camping Tent On topics such as family base camp, your main priority should be to look for the best family tent for your family. You need to think about a lot of things when searching for the best camping tents for families aside from just how many people will end up sleeping there. You have to take into consideration the may designs and tent types, the set-up and how livable it is, and protection from the wind or rain and also the rest of the features as well as camping accessories that makes all the difference during your camping trip. Family Tent Varieties for Base Camping You can choose from 3 various types of family camping tents. It consists of dome style family camping tents that resembles backpacking tents but more durable and have better wind protection. Its roof is high. However, the slight slope on its side reduces the livable space inside as well as the head room. It is easier to come in and out of cabin-style tents because they feature nearly vertical wall structures. There are even those with door awnings and room dividers. Screen rooms or sun shelters have meshes that help ward off mosquitoes especially at night. The downside is that it is not helpful when it comes to protecting you from the rain.
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There are various things you need to keep in mind when looking for the best family camping tent. For example, make sure you have sufficient space to move around inside when changing clothes, relaxing, and moving around by finding out the tent’s maximum height. Make it a point to prioritize comfort before anything else. Easy Access, Protection from the Wind, and Waterproofing are Crucial Do you want a tent that has one or a couple of doors? What door shape are you looking for? Are you particular about your rainfly coverage? They are waterproof and can help you weather any storm. There are two options. You can choose from one that covers the entire tent or just the roof. The disadvantage of a full coverage is reduced ventilation but it offers maximum protection from the rain. Transporting Camping Tents for the Family along with Other Camping Paraphernalias Bear in mind the tent’s size and how heavy it is to carry to and from the campsite as well as how easy it is to set up. Also think about possible interior loops and pockets where you can stash away other important camping gears you might also need. When it comes to looking for the best family tents, there are different factors you need to consider like the ones mentioned here.