Utah&#039s Planet-Course Trout Fishery – Strawberry Reservoir

Utah’s Strawberry Reservoir might arguably be the ideal trout fishery in the western United States.  It has received a reputation not too long ago … throughout the planet … as a position to catch big cutthroat and rainbow trout.

A attractive … and incredibly big … significant-alpine reservoir, Strawberry is my preferred Utah fishing spot.  Lying in a mountain-rimmed valley at seven,600 feet, it handles extra than 17,000 acres in most yrs.

At Strawberry, you can obtain two fantastic recreation complexes:  Strawberry Bay Recreation Complex and Soldier Creek Recreation Complex.  With fishing accessibility, boat ramps, and comprehensive-services marinas.  Strawberry Bay also has a café.  Camping and picnic regions are situated throughout the Strawberry Reservoir area.

Heritage Of Strawberry Reservoir

The Strawberry Dam … on the Strawberry River … was finished in 1912.   About 24 miles (38.6 km) east of Heber City.  An earthfill framework, the dam is seventy two feet significant and contained 118,000 cubic yards of supplies.

But trout were not stocked right up until 1923.  It was not very long, even though right before Strawberry acquired a reputation as a dynamite fishery.   It was not right up until 1974 that the Soldier Creek Dam was finished as portion of the Bonneville Unit of the Central Utah Job.  It is seven miles (11.2 km) downstream from Strawberry Dam.

The dam among Strawberry and Soldier Creek was breached in 1985.  And resulted in an even extra significant reservoir.  The drinking water area of Strawberry Reservoir rose by about forty five feet.   And the area area greater to its present 17,163 acres.

But human motion … as it does so commonly … established in movement a series of events which plagues Strawberry Reservoir to this day.  By the yrs … starting up all over 1945 … for explanations recognised only to all those who did it, nongame fish were illegally launched into Strawberry.  By 1960, all those undesirable non-activity fish … or chubs … experienced invaded the fishery.  The unhappy result?  Chubs built up ninety% of the fish in the reservoir.

Strawberry was taken care of with poison … rotenone … in 1961 to eliminate the chubs.  But the moment all over again, non-activity bait fish were launched into the reservoir … almost certainly in 1972.  And by the mid-80’s, they built up ninety three% of the fish in the reservoir.

So, the moment all over again, a rotenone venture was carried out in 1990.  The greatest recognised these kinds of treatment method in the planet.  But almost certainly thanks to the sheer sizing of the reservoir, not all the fish were killed.  Even so, the biologists experienced a plan.

The intention was to manage the chub’s numbers by introducing Bonneville cutthroat … a voracious chub predator … into Strawberry.  The cutthroats experienced preyed on chubs for generations.

New experiments … and great fishing results … demonstrate that this system is doing work.  Significant time.  It has tested to be incredibly efficient in managing the chub numbers.   The cutthroats … from Bear Lake stock … have prospered.  And, after sterile rainbow trout were launched, they too have flourished.

In 1996, a 4 fish restrict was launched.  Only one particular could be in excess of eighteen inches.  And fishermen were questioned … though not demanded … to launch all cutthroat trout.  The intent was to allow the cutthroats increase big enough … in adequate numbers … to handle the chub inhabitants.

The point out … noticing that this method was really doing work … greater the slot restrict in 2003.  All cutthroat among fifteen and 22 inches experienced to be introduced.  You can now keep one particular cutthroat in excess of 22 inches and two underneath fifteen inches.  But you can keep all the rainbows … up to a restrict of 4.   Whilst aggravating for all those who like to consider fish household, the slot restrict … together with the organic advancement of the rainbow trout … has resulted in big numbers of large fish.

And Strawberry Reservoir is now a planet-well known trout fishing spot.

The 3 Styles Of Fish In Strawberry

There are only 3.

  • rainbow trout
  • cutthroat trout
  • kokanee salmon

Condition Information At Strawberry

Strawberry Reservoir retains a few of point out records.  The existing report for a cutthroat throat is even now held by Strawberry.  Caught way again in 1930, it weighed 26 lbs, twelve ounces.

The reservoir also retains the existing point out report for a kokanee salmon.  Caught in 1995, it weighed an even 6 lbs.

Best Time Of Year To Fish Strawberry

Whilst it fishes properly from ice-off … ordinarily in April … right up until it freezes in excess of ordinarily in November … there are a few periods when the fishing is great up in this article.  Primarily in the latest yrs.

In the spring, when there is even now a tiny ice still left, the motion can be warm.  Coming off a very long winter, the fish are voracious.  But my ideal time … and almost certainly the ideal fishing time … is in the tumble.  As the weather conditions cools, big fish move closer to shore.  Their intention is to try to eat as significantly as attainable right before the lake freezes in excess of.

Combine great fishing with the superb tumble coloration shows and you can see why this valley is heaven to some people.   If you get pleasure from ice fishing, you can fish Strawberry from January to March.  But usually plan forward by examining the ice conditions.  When the ice starts coming off, it appears to do so right before your eyes.

Best Fishing Techniques At Strawberry

You can fish from shore.  From a float tube.  Or a boat.  My preferred is to use a float tube.  But I am contemplating of altering in excess of to a pontoon boat so I can mount a tiny motor and fish finder.  A float tube or pontoon boat makes it possible for you to accessibility practically the overall lake and do so quietly.

I have nothing in opposition to people employing boats but a incredibly tiny minority of them are completely brainless.  To all those of us not employing a boat, it often appears like their overall intention is to make as significantly sounds as attainable though developing the major waves they can.  Just a tiny courtesy and frequent feeling would go a very long way on the lake.

Float tubers and waders can typically do properly by casting into the channels of previous stream beds.  These are ordinarily observed at the heads of bays where the streams either utilized to … or even now do … enter the reservoir.  Black or olive wooly buggers perform properly in this article ordinarily.

Trolling tactics appear to have developed in excess of the yrs but I have obtained to acknowledge … this is not my area of expertise.  My examining exhibits that Rapalas, Strawberry wobblers, and Flatfish are even now popular.  And pop equipment with a worm are even now utilized.  If you take place to be a troller … or boat fisherman … and are examining this, feel free to give me an update on what you might be employing now.

Do not fillet fish at the reservoir!  When filleted … or the heads are taken off … conservation officers can not convey to the species.

Best Strawberry Lures

In the last ten years, it appears that bass fishing tactics have turn into not only the most popular, but the most productive.  They turn into especially efficient in the course of the tumble … my preferred time to fish Strawberry.

Fortunate Craft Pointer – I definitely only not too long ago discovered about bass fishing tactics as I have been trapped in the float tube/fly rod point for yrs.  The very first time I tried out one particular of these, I was stunned as I obtained hits seconds after casting the lure out from my tube.

It can be a tricky plastic jerkbait and is intended to be fished erratically.  Look at out the motion as you reel it in.  To keep from harming the fish you have to launch, file down the barbs on your lures.

Tube jigs – gentle plastic tube jigs have worked properly for yrs.  Some people tip them with a night time crawler.  You can experiment for by yourself.  Check out casting, jigging, or trolling them.  Experiment with white, smoke, watermelon, or pumpkin hues.

Fluke or jerkshad – a gentle plastic jerkbait lure.  It imitates a wounded minnow.  And is fished on or just underneath the area.  White or bubble gum hues appear to be the most popular.

Swimbaits – tricky or gentle plastic lures built to imitate real fish.  The rainbow trout pattern appears to perform properly.

Kokanee Spawning

Kokanee salmon at Strawberry place on a stunning show … as do the leaves … in the tumble.  As they enter their tumble spawning operate, they transform a amazing pink coloration.

Halting at the Forest Support customer centre just off Freeway forty on the road to the Strawberry Bay Marina is usually a spotlight of our tumble.  It can be incredible how some yrs, it appears like you can wander across the Strawberry River on the backs of the salmon so numerous are they.

But this year … in September of 2010 … we only noticed a few as they experienced hardly started out their operate.  It was too early.  Warmer tumble?  Who appreciates.   The Strawberry River and other tributaries are shut in the course of the once-a-year spawn.

How To Get Below

Head up the canyon on Interstate eighty from Salt Lake City.  Just past Park City, head east on US forty.  Go right by means of the center of Heber City and on up the canyon for an additional 24 miles (38.6 km).

In which To Accessibility Strawberry Reservoir

US forty skirts the north edge of the reservoir.  It offers accessibility to the two Hen Creek day-use regions.  A further popular segment arrived at by this freeway is the “ladders”.  A Central Utah Job canal empties into the lake in this article.

At the customer centre, transform south and you can be in a position to accessibility the Strawberry Bay Recreation Complex.  You can also reach the Haws Level Working day-Use Location together this road.

On the east edge of Strawberry, you can obtain Soldier Creek Dam and the Aspen Grove Campground at Stinking Springs.  You will obtain the road to the Soldier Creek Recreation Complex on the northeast edge of Strawberry off US forty.