Reasons Why People Need To Visit Halong Bay And Know About Dragon Pearls

The local legends in halong bay would tell that it has a celestial dragon and her child, they were sent by the jade emperor to stop an invasion and have spat out large quantities of pearls to form islands. After the victory of the dragons and have been enchanted by their creation, they have decided to stay there and this is the reason it is now called Ha long bay and is the reason where sea mothers have been sighted. This is the reason why the place has mostly been visited by famous people in the past, they are mostly inspired by the background where it can be an inspiration for a poem and most visitors have struggled to capture the mystery of the island.

The mystery scenery of halong bay is what mostly draw people to the northeast coast of Vietnam, people can get to see a number of uniquely shaped limestone islands just outside of the emerald sea. People can easily get to visit the silent secretive channels of the coast and there are also a number of fishing boats in the market and they can also get to swim through caves under the overhanging cliffs.

Tourism is now rivalling the fishing industry as the main activity, but the bustling harbour mostly retain a certain authenticity and the hordes of tourists would get to own the entire portion of the bay. People can get to sleep overnight aboard traditional junk ships, they have tea colored sails but they are also motor driven but people can have a timeless experience when they get to float on the junk and enjoy the light of the moon.

The next largest island on the bay is called the cat ba and this is an island that makes it a good base for exploring area with some fine scenery as well as being near to the national park that makes it good for people to visit. Some of the hightlights of halong bay is that people can get to cruise past the maze of limestone pinnacles which can get to punctuate the turquoise waters which can make it for people to be a really great experience.

People can also get to spend overnight on a junk boat, people can get to spend at least one night onboard and get to take a dip under the moonlight in the clear waters of the bay and be close to nature. Halong bay is one of the best places for people to visit Vietnam and get to experience the real authenticity of trying to live in Vietnam.