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Tips for Selecting a Charter Bus Service Charter bus rentals could seem like a uncomplicated transaction, but this is far from fact. Picking a charter bus involves special research on your part, defining precisely what you need against what the service can provide you. The good news is that with plenty of choices nowadays, finding one to fit your needs is not as tough as you would think. That said, here are tips on how to select a charter bus service:. Capacity
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The general seating capacity of buses is approximately 40 to 50, but you will find out that there are those capable of holding 60 max. If your group is larger than that, then two buses will be needed. There are vans that seat 9 to 12 people though for smaller groups.
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Length of Trip Know the farthest distance the bus has traveled. What was the route they took? Have they take that same trip anytime in the past? How about the stop-over going to the destination? All these have to be questioned, especially if the trip is going to take beyond 3 hours. For trips that require some 6 to 8 hours, a space for sleepers may also be necessary. Or the chairs should be, at the very least, tilted. Amenities Find a bus with enough entertainment, like Internet connection, TV, etc. A rest room is another must, especially when you’re traveling with elderly passengers or kids. For active communication, power sources should be available. Drivers Bus charter services typically include a driver because you need someone who is competent enough to navigate the vehicle. Considering length of travel, it only makes sense that a skillful driver take the wheel. For longer rides, you will usually have two drivers taking turns, ensuring they are get enough rest during the trip. Reputation Of course, the company’s reputation is a critical factor too. Visit their website and find out about their background. How many years have they been in the industry? Ask them for references. Read online reviews. Check with your local business bureau. Have there been complaints against the company? If so, find out how the issue was resolved and if the customer was satisfied with the resolution. Price There are usually two payment methods when you use a bus charter service: you either pay an hourly or daily rate or a flat fee. Fixed fees are often reserved for trips to usual locations like tourist destinations. In NYC, for instance, you pay about $1000/day for a 50-seater. Lastly, make sure you have compared two or three companies before committing to one, but make sure the service specs you provided each of them are the same.