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RV Destinations In Northern California

Having your own RV is a great way for you or your family to get away from it all and enjoy some vacation time away from our hectic and stressful daily lives. Finding the right RV destination is important but with some many to choose from it can really be difficult to find the right one that has everything you need. While there are many great RV destinations around the country, some of the best ones are found only in California. California is an ideal RV destination thanks to its size and excellent facilities that camps and recreation areas provide just for RV goers. The majority of RV tourists who visit California head to Southern California, but some of the best RV spots are actually found in Northern California. If you feel like being a little adventurous, try Northern California instead as you’ll be pleasantly surprised. There are plenty of California RV parks available which makes getting to these scenic spots even easier.

Lassen National Forest is just one of the many great places you can stop at to take in the beautiful sights and scenery that Northern California has to offer. This national park is famous for its volcanic activity and you’ll be able to get firsthand experience at the might and power volcanoes can have in shaping the planet we live on. This is the home of the world famous Lassen Peak, which is the largest plug dome volcano in the world and has to be seen to be believed. If volcanoes aren’t your thing, don’t worry as there is plenty to do and see for everyone. A wide range of outdoor activities can be enjoyed and include fishing, hunting, hiking, bicycling, boating, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing and much, much more. No matter who you are or what you enjoy, Lassen National Forest is a place that anyone can enjoy.

Another great spot that shouldn’t be missed is Lake Davis. Lake Davis was designed with recreation in mind, literally. Why is this? The lake was actually built specifically for recreation purposes, so the motto is recreation and having fun. There are plenty of summer activities to be enjoyed by everyone that include camping, picnicking, fishing, hunting, boating and mountain biking just to name a few. RV goers will find that the camping grounds were designed with RVs in mind and space is provided for up to a whopping 40 self contained RVs. If hiking is your thing then you might find that Plumas National Forest is the place for you. This national forest is a heaven for hikers and there are a wide variety of streams, lakes, deep canyons, lofty peaks and much, much more. The park is well known for its pleasant climate and not being crowded.

Next time you go RVing, why not be a little different and head to North California and take the road less traveled. California is well known for its scenic beauty and wide variety of outdoor activities that RV goers enjoy, but …

Clear Lake is Beacon for California Recreation

Just a couple of miles north of San Francisco is one of California’s prettiest vacation lakes — Clear Lake.

A friend visited Clear Lake not too long ago and came back raving about the area’s unexpected scenic and natural beauty – so we had to investigate. On a recent swing through Northern California, we dropped in on Clear Lake, staying at a small, unpretentious waterfront resort that brought back childhood memories of vacationing at lakefront resorts in Central Washington state. It was like vacationing in a simpler place at a simpler time.

At 43,000 acres, Clear Lake is the largest natural freshwater lake in California, and some say it may be the oldest lake in North America. The lake is the centerpiece for several communities in the Lake County area, including Lakeport, Clearlake, Kelseyville, Glenhaven and several others. Taken together, these communities and several parks in the area offer a wide range of family vacation activities.

Chief among those are boating, fishing and swimming, three main reasons people stay at the Seabreeze Resort in Glenhaven, headquarters for our brief stay in the Clear Lake area. Owner Steve Nash happened on the resort many years ago as he was looking to buy a waterfront house. His accountant advised him that the income from the resort would go a long way toward helping to pay for his new waterfront home, and so Nash – who had never operated any sort of lodging facility – took the plunge.

Today, Nash divides his time between Clear Lake and San Diego, where he lives during winter months. But every year, April through October, it’s back to Clear Lake and the round-the-clock chores of managing the resort. With only one housekeeper for help, Nash is up at dawn each day, working to well past sundown. But, as we discovered, he always finds time to chat and joke around with his guests – many of whom have been returning to the small resort for many years.

Since we were traveling with a four-year-old, we were booked into the “family wing” of the resort – some housekeeping units a little further from the water and from the guests in the waterfront adult wing. Our cottage was like a small apartment, maybe 1950s vintage, but nicely remodeled and cheerfully decorated. A full kitchen was included, as well as a living room, bath and a bedroom with two queen beds. Thankfully, on this summer visit, the unit was air conditioned.

Our cottage had a grassy area, lunge chairs and several individuals just outside the door. Nearby was Steve’s fragrant flower garden – which he obviously takes great care in maintaining – and then a few steps further was the boat launch, dock and swimming area. In short, the Seabreeze offered everything you need for a restful lakefront stay or a base of operations for your boating holiday.

But we were visiting Clear Lake to explore. Just why was everyone raving about this lake?

The first thing we discovered was that, …

Costs of Snowboarding Versus Skateboarding in Terms of Shaun White’s Lines

In 2007 Shaun White became the first X-Game Gold Medalist, in both the summer and the winter competitions. How did he do this you ask? He is what we like to call a multi-talented snowboard-skateboarder. Shaun White’s very own line of snowboards costs five hundred dollars to ride in the winter and his skate board deck costs fifty-five dollars to ride summer – but of course, pays for neither. The real question is… what if he did? It seems pretty cut and dry that snowboarding would be more expensive; however like anything in life, it’s just not that simple.

Shaun White’s Burton Shaun White board ($499.95) with Burton Custom Bindings ($139.95) screwed in on top are according to his website, his favorites. Assuming for the rest his brand continues to be his favorite; snug inside his Customs would be his very own White Collection boots ($249.95). To keep this hypothetical Shaun warm he’ll use his Burton Heaven’s Reward Collection – his most expensive look – with a jacket ($299.95) and pants ($199.95); along with his White Collection first layer Union Suit ($99.95) and sock ($24.95). And you can’t forget the most expensive Burton Gloves ($99.95), Under-gloves ($99.95), Oakley Shaun White A Frame goggles ($95.00), and R.E.D. Hi-Fi Helmet ($160.00). Finally, a season’s pass for Shaun’s home mountain in Park City, Utah would be around $475. In general, a snowboard will last two years. (It can actually last much longer, or much less.) This comes out to a yearly cost, assuming with a new snowboard, you’re buying new gear of $1397.33.

When Shaun White is skateboarding, he might use his very own deck, the Birdhouse Shaun White Torch Girl deck ($54.95). However, according to Birdhouse a year’s supply of decks is twelve ($659.40), along with grip tape for each of these new decks (12 @ $5.95; $71.40). Shaun White would only use the best, so take for example Spitfire wheels ($35), Destructo Gold trucks (2 @ $31.95; $63.90) for each new board, as well ($1186.80) and Bones Black Swiss Bearings ($39.95) twice a year. Shaun would use the same R.E.D. Hi-Fi Helmet ($160) for skateboarding as he does for snowboarding with the same life of two years. Most skate parks require a protective gear which can run about $29.99. Luckily, in Shaun’s hometown of Carlsbad, California, he has a free skate park so skateboarding comes to a yearly total of a whopping $2107.49.

Amazingly, skateboarding comes out to be one and a half times more expensive than snowboarding – despite what it seems at first with how pricy a snowboard is! Yet, pros like Shaun White will never have to worry about this again, and we’ll just keep riding.…

California Delta is Water Recreation Paradise

If you’ve ever driven southbound through California’s Central Valley, you probably have been surprised to see an ocean-going freighter making its way into Stockton.

Yet ships do call on Stockton – and have for decades – as they make their way to the state’s interior through an intricate set of waterways sometimes called the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta or the Sacramento Delta, or just the California Delta. The point is it’s a delta not unlike what you see in the Deep South and, in fact, there are some surprising connections between Louisiana and the California Delta. Anyone who has visited Isleton for its famous Crawdad Festival can testify to that.

It’s also eerily similar to the rural roads and towns near New Orleans where levees keep the river from flooding the countryside. In this case it’s not the Mississippi that you worry about but the confluence of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers that creates a water system carrying 47 percent of California’s water runoff. Most of the land of the inner Delta is under sea level, generally between 21 and three feet below.

Lots of water means lots of water recreation for parched residents of the San Joauin Valley, who enjoy boating in this area and visiting the interesting small towns throughout the Delta.

The Delta region is comprised of 738,000 acres in six counties, so you could seemingly wander around in there for years without finding a way out. We recall one time navigating the Delta on houseboat where our navigation charts were the only way to ensure we would ever be heard from again.

But that, of course, is the appeal of the California Delta. Traveling to the Delta is a fast trip from the San Francisco Bay area. After all, one of the Delta’s largest cities, Antioch, is comprised largely of people who live in the Delta region and commute daily to San Francisco. From there you just cross a bridge and all of a sudden you’re driving on lonely two-lane roads skirting the canals and levees, turning every which way until, voila, there’s another little town to explore and check off your list.

On our most recent trip to the Delta we decided we’d spend the night in some rather unusual “waterfront” accommodations: a 40-foot Bluewater yacht with its own dock, located at the confluence of Georgiana Slough and the Mokelumne River. The Dockside Boatel has an Isleton address, but this is one of the places you’ll want to call for directions. The owner will be happy to give them to you and will be there to greet you because she lives in a house just a few yards onshore from the dock.

This was a great base of operations for forays into the Delta region and an excellent choice if you love being dockside and enjoy the sounds and slight wave action of the water. We had the dock to ourselves and there are two chairs on the dock perfect for fishing, reading the paper, …

California Disneyland Hotels

California Disneyland Hotels

California is a land where you can find the varied landscapes like the sandy beaches of the pacific coast along with the snow-capped mountain range of Sierra Nevada. Such a land of diversities is one of the most happening places in the United States and by and large the most populace state as well. The face of California changed drastically with the onset of gold rush, which changed the economic status, and incoming of the population. The state grew in all facets recently progressing in computers and information technology. Moreover Los Angeles is the hub of entertainment industry along with tourism growing at fast rate. seo redcliffe There are mountain peaks, famous national parks and several fresh water lakes, which are essential habitat for migratory birds.

California has strategic importance in the field of economy, which is evident from the fact that it has Silicon Valley, world famous film industry Hollywood, the California Central Valley, wine producing regions and mining of borax. Transportation in California is well maintained having widespread highways, expressways and freeways. The Golden Gate Bridge is the popular tourist attraction for its scenic beauty. People in California love to drive car, which result in thousands of car running on the road. With two international airports and scores of commercial airports and general aviation airports in the state traveling can be done comfortably and at ease.

The description of California without the Disneyland Park can never be complete. “Here you leave today and enter The World of Yesterday, Tomorrow and Fantasy”. This is the commemorative inscription written on the entrance of the Disneyland Park the popular tourist attraction of California since 1955. It is not only made for children but is a complete family entertainment in it there is lot much to see and enjoy. When we enter this park we find Disney characters welcoming people, talking with them, dancing with children and posing with them for photographs. There are Parades, fireworks along with Disney songs and various presentations through fireworks hold you spellbound. Disneyland since its establishment has gone through many changes but one thing never changed and that is its trains in Disneyland, which encircle the whole area. A joy ride not that is not only meant for children but also for grownups. There are theatres, to view some of the Disney’s creation, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, frontierland, Mickey’s Toontown, special restaurants, cafeterias and refreshment centers along with resort for boarding and lodging. Disneyland is a place, which will take you to an entirely different world for the moment you will experience a complete transformation in you away from hustle and bustle and tensions.

Amidst the Disneyland California you will find many hotels which will give you the best shot of the place. But don’t forget to make prior reservations that will save you of the last minute hassles in this place. Many hotels offer the best of services and food for which you have to pay reasonably. Some of the general facilities provided by …

New York City Hotels with Long-Term Parking

It is difficult to drive into NYC but it is comparatively more difficult to find a parking place some of the hotels in NYC offer a secure garage for parking that provides the visitors with a peace of mind.

The Hudson Hotel is a voguish hangout situated in NYC This four star hotel contains 824 rooms with 24 floors and is just blocks away from Columbus Circle, Central Park and Time Warner Center  This hotel offers wireless Internet access, meeting facilities, guest rooms with diorama views of the city and Central Park. Valet parking is available, as is self-parking so there is an additional fee with no in out privileges.

The Holiday Inn Midtown is located in Theatre District just a few blocks away from Central Park, Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center in NYC; Parking is available here with no in out privileges for an extra fee of $25 per day. The hotel offers fitness center, tourist information desk, Internet access and seasonal pool.

The Alex Hotel is located close to the United Nations building in NYC. This hotel is one of the few hotels, which provide free parking through their free parking package. The hotel has 203 stylish rooms, babysitting services, a business center and fitness center.

It is difficult to drive into NYC but it is comparatively more difficult to find a parking place some of the hotels in NYC offer a secure garage for parking that provides the visitors with a peace of mind.

The Travel Inn in NYC is located just three blocks away from convention center on 42nd street. It includes 160 guest rooms with Wi-Fi access and flat screen televisions, while some have microwaves, terraces and refrigerators. It has a swimming pool, meeting room and a gym on its premises. It remains the only hotel in NYC that offer free parking to all its guests.

The Doubletree Metropolitan Hotel situated in East side region in NYC. The hotel offers rooms with flat screen televisions, Internet access and in room safes. The hotel features banquet halls, 24-hour business center, beauty salon, barbershop, gift shop and a full service restaurant. Guests can inquire about parking which features accommodations alongside your choice of inclusive parking.…

Lax airport car service: Los Angeles & Lax Transportation Service by Atatransport

Situated on the southern coast of California, the LAX Airport or the Los Angeles Airport owns the credit of being one of the busiest airports in the world. It operates a large number of domestic as well as international commercial flights to several places. Getting to LAX Airport is very easy as there are several excellent transportation modes available for reaching there. One can reach there by bus through Line 8 of Torrance Transit, Line 6 of Culver City Bus system, and Line 3 of Santa Monica Big Blue Bus system. All of them halt at LAX City Bus Center situated in Parking Lot C.


Car Hire Los Angeles Airport is another way of reaching LAX airport. There are good car rental agencies that provide this service to make the journey easy and comfortable. Apart from this, one can reach LAX Airport by metro rail too. There is a connection offered by Shuttle bus “G” to the LAX station on the Metro Green Line. Another huge benefit to using an LAX airport car is the comfort and convenience. If you are traveling from your home to the airport you avoid the trouble of dealing with traffic and of having to take a shuttle from a distant extended stay parking area to the terminal you will be flying out of. With a cab you get no amenities and very little leg room. With a bus you get basically no leg room and you have to deal with your luggage, the crowds and frequent stops. With a limo you get a comfortable smooth ride with plenty of leg room and some potential amenities including a mini-bar and a television. You also get dropped off directly at the terminal you are flying out of and the limo driver will even help you unload your bags.

Taking an LAX airport car is simply a superior option. It provides a greater level of convenience than any of the other options can offer. You get to enjoy a much quieter, private and comfortable ride and you may even be able to watch television while you are traveling. The cost is lower than most of the options and in some cases all of the options. You don’t have to leave for the airport as early and you are taking fewer risks with your personal vehicle. The most important thing when picking a limo as the option of choice is to investigate the different companies and pick one with the best reputation that offers the service and price you want. When it comes to selecting an LAX car service you will also want to consider what your overall transportation needs will be while you are in the city.  In other words, you need to determine before you plan your trip whether or not you will need transportation assistance only to and from the airport, or if you will you require a car service at your disposal during the entire course of your stay in Los Angeles.  You …

Motels Near Manila Airport

You can find a lot of Ninoy Aquino International Airport facility lodgings situated close by the airfield terminal. Various of those budget inns here in Manila encompass incredibly decreased prices & getting the cheapest accommodation in Manila on your purposes is really trouble-free. You will discover 45 low-priced inns within a 5 mile radius from the Manila flight facility. Most among the hotels in Manila are located contained in the near proximity of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport facility. As a result getting around from the NAIA Airport terminal ought to be very trouble-free using a flight terminal shuttle.

The cheapest lodging within Manila is the Fersal Hotel in Manila. Whereas we sometimes refer to a lodging being low-cost this particular lodging is known for a hotel analysis score of 3.6 that truly just isn’t extremely low. You will find approximately forty five Ninoy Aquino International flight terminal lodgings that will be less than fifty dollars for every evening, making Manila an incredibly cheap vacationing destination. It goes without saying the charges are absolutely dependent on what moment of year and also which dates you will be lodging in the hotel.

The preferred of the many resorts nearby NAIA Air port is The Best Western Hotel La Corona Manila. It receives a customer appraisal ranking of 4.1 and also with a median nightly charge of $44 it’s a very delightful and reasonable Ninoy Aquino International flight terminal accommodation. An additional fantastic option to get a accommodation in Manila could be the Hyatt Hotel and Casino. If you are one voyager that wishes to get some action while on his time away this particular Manila airline terminal lodging might be the best choice. Even though this resort will be more expensive for each evening it also offers various visitor features that any hotel in Manila could provide. This particular NAIA Air port lodge is barely 4.3 miles from the airport terminal.

The Hotel Baywatch is the very best rated of the many places to stay near Ninoy Aquino International Airport facility recieving critiques from guests with the highest rating of 5. This Ninoy Aquino International Air port accommodation is just 3.9 miles to the Manila Airport also it is simply a short stroll towards the Manila Zoo and Botanical Gardens. Further nearby sights are The National Museum of the Filipino People, Rizal Park (Luneta), and Manila Cathedral.

The Pan Pacific Hotel Manila will be a different among the nicest hotels near NAIA Airport. That has a handy locality between the most important attractions and also corporate areas, the Pan Pacific Hotel Manila makes a good selection for many sorts of guests. It’s in trouble-free reach to the World Trade Center, Manila Zoo, Philippines International Convention Center, as well as places to shop plus amusement among the Ermita and Malate locations. It is also next to Chinatown, and the historic Intramuros district as well. There a vacationer can visit Manila Cathedral.

A different one of the many low cost resorts in Manila …

Nevada RV Parks & Campgrounds

Nevada is a very famous state located in the western region of the United States of America. The most popular city of this state is Las Vegas and the capital is Carson City. Neva is very good for camping and other recreational facilities that is why it has various RV campgrounds and parks which you can visit during your vacations.

So, if you really want to enjoy a good camping vacation with family and friends then you should surely come to Nevada. So, now let me tell you about some very good RV resorts located in this state.

1. Virginia City RV Park
This is full service RV Park which is located in Virginia City and is surrounded by very beautiful locations. This place offers 47 Full Hook-up RV Sites to guests. Some very good facilities that you can get here are Laundromat, Tent Camping, and three Rental Cabins, nearby market, Ultra Clean Restrooms and shower rooms. Some of the activities that you can enjoy here are swimming, golfing, boating, fishing and hiking.

2. Reno RV Park
This is a very wonderful RV park which provides you the best facilities and amenities essential for camping. This park is surrounded by lovely views and is by dusty Nevada hills. Every summer Reno RV Park organizes various good facilities activities like Reno Air Races, Hot August Nights and Hot Air Balloon Races. The services that you would get here are shower rooms, picnic areas, cabins; pull through sites, electric, water, dumping station, wireless internet facility and a goods shop. I am sure here you would really have a wonderful time with your kids.

3. Angel Lake RV Park
This alluring RV Park is located in a very pretty setting with a lake just near the campground. You as well as your children will surely enjoy the recreational services that are provided here. Here you have pull through spaces where you can park your RV, other services available here are cable TV, wireless internet facility and restrooms. Nearby to this place you have the Lamoille Canyon area which is you can visit during your leisure time.

4. RV Ranch Resort
This place is very near to Las Vegas and has 50 pull thru spaces on level gravel with beautiful grass, trees and patio and picnic tables. Some of the facilities that you can enjoy here are a swimming pool, a lounge area with tables and lounging chairs. Various golf courses are also located nearby to this place.

These are some RV parks that you can easily locate in the state of Nevada.…

Parks of Cedar Park

The City of Cedar Park is one place worth visiting and living in. Its Parks & Recreation Department maintains over 500 acres of parkland, with over forty parks to go to. The place is a magical mix of paradise where you and your family can find a home and enjoy life along with the beauty of nature. The city is loaded with fun filled activities, making every day new and exciting!
A Peek Into Paradise
Cedar Park’s 500 acres of parkland, consisting of forty parks, is fully loaded with facilities that ensure your safety and supply all your needs. The lush greens of the park house 92 acres of cave preserves and pond detention areas, a community garden, basketball courts, tennis courts, swimming pools, a water playscape, a clubhouse, and many more! Homes in Cedar Park are well located to enjoy recreational facilities.
With 121 acres of undeveloped land, there are definitely more attractions to come your way! Not only is Cedar Park a fun place to be but it is also a safe one. You are in good hands in Cedar Park with its fire department, police department, plus an Emergency Management Department always ready to help.
Family Fun
If you’re looking for some family fun, Cedar Park is the right place to be. Just by visiting one out of the variety of park choices here, you and your kids will definitely have a memorable experience.
Try going to Bushy Creek Lake Park, a cool water playscape, with your kids. Bushy Creek Lake Park offers lots of hike and bike trails that promise a fun adventure for the whole family. You can also chill out at the pool in Elizabeth Milburn Park, where you can play basketball or go wall climbing. Certainly, activities like these will increase the bond among your family members!
Blast From the Past
In Cedar Park, nothing is impossible — even time travel! Be able to escape the present as you ride the Austin Steam Train, which brings you to a romantic blast from the past experience. With friendly and helpful train attendants at hand, you need not worry. This American railroad experience is safe and fun! See the sights of Cedar Park while aboard the train, where you can just sit, relax and simply enjoy.
Cave Adventure
Cave Day is an annual event at Cedar Park, where you get the chance to visit the cave reserves. It’s a one of a kind event where you get to be closer to nature. Get to explore the White Stone Cave Preserve, Cedar Elm Preserve, Buttercup Drain, Buttercup Creek Cave, Mushroom Cave, and many more! With cave guides leading you and telling you all about the caves, it is truly one adventurous and educational event!
Lake Travis
Just a few miles from Cedar Park, you can go visit The Highland Lakes, which consists of six lakes. Lake Travis, being nearest to Cedar Park, offers you priceless natural beauty, where you can hike, bike, boat, and just enjoy …