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Seven Sycamores Ranch offers farm stay

The drive up and down California’s San Joaquin Valley can be tedious, but consider a stop along the way in Visalia. Seven Sycamores Ranch is offering a kind of bed-and-breakfast experience on a real farm.

Agri-tourism is what they call it – the blending of tourism with California’s vast farmlands and orchards to offer city folk an up-close view of how an orange, for example, gets from the tree to your dining room table. With its location just outside of Visalia, Seven Sycamores is in a good location to break up that long drive between the cities of Northern and Southern California.

Bob McKellar is the host of Seven Sycamores and something of a visionary in the realm of agri-tourism. A few years back when he was just 75 years old, McKellar decided it was time to find ways to market some of his orange crop outside the usual packing … Read More

Hong Kong Stopover: Tourist attractions and Sightseeing near the airport

Many of the passengers who pass through Hong Kong every year, are either spending their short stopover holiday in the city centre, or simply prefer to stay at the airport, not knowing that some of the city’s most spectacular attractions can be found just near the airport…

This article will show you how you can enjoy your short Hong Kong stopover without getting too far from the airport.

Lantau Island, right next to the airport, is Hong Kong’s largest and most scenic island, and other than beautiful nature sceneries of steep forest-clad mountains and sandy coves, it is home to some of Hong Kong’s most spectacular tourist attractions.

After clearing with Immigration and Customs, you can deposit your trolley luggage at the baggage storage facility, in the “Meeters and Greeters Hall” (Full details can be found in my other article: “Hong Kong Stopover – the Easiest Ways to Get Read More

Plane Tickets And Travel

Everybody loves to travel, but getting right kind of plane tickets and traveling with low coast airlines is a dream for every common travelers. Today whenever you are planning for any holiday vacation or for business trip, traveling is not cheap and most of us cannot afford the high costs of traveling. Most of the travel lovers canceled their holiday vacation at any exotic destination just because of increase rates in the plane tickets. Every common people deserve a trip or vacation, but getting plane tickets and travel in a low coast airline can be one of the most difficult tasks of an entire trip, which is why having a cheap traveling saves not only your pockets but also the saved money can be used in future. There is hope for the ones that want all the great travel advantages that other can enjoy. A vacation is not only about … Read More

Frontier City

Frontier City is the largest theme park in the state of Oklahoma. Located in Oklahoma City, the park is open from April through October. Known for its Western theme, the park offers diverse rides. Three magnificent roller coasters – the Wildcat, Diamondback and Silver Bullet – as well as two water rides – the Renegade Rapids and the Mystery River Log Flume – form part of the 50 rides on offer.

Apart from the death defying thrills of the above mentioned roller coasters and water rides, Frontier City offers plenty of other thrills and spills. Quick Draw is one of those. It’s an interactive dark ride in which riders are handed pistols with infrared LEDs to shoot targets, based on which each rider receives a score. The Hangman is a tower/drop ride. Here riders are seated in a ring of seats harnessed to a cable system that launches the … Read More