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Why You Should Go To Comporta on Your Next Trip There is this small and amazing village called Comporta that is located in Portugal’s Tr?ia. Surprisingly, despite being seemingly being underrated, Comporta’s beaches are actually a must-see. Serene location and perfect beaches sound like a great combination, doesn’t it? The answer is yes, it sounds perfect. For those who seek to relax and unwind, Comporta offers the best hideaway. So, if you want to leave this weekend and take that much deserved break, you need to know where to stay in Comporta. In this regard, you may also want to know your options if you want to be in the best beaches of Comporta. It is a great news that there are actually many places to head to if you are a major beach lover. Additionally, if you have more time to spare, you can even visit Lisbon that is about 120 km from Comporta. You will need to get to Lisbon in order to go to Comporta. Most likely, Comporta is one of a kind and once you get there, you might not want to leave. With the River Sado by the borders of Comporta, great views and relaxing forests are within reach.
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It will all be worth it because the moment you arrive in Comporta you will be filled with awe. In comporta, you will get everything you dream of from the warm sunny beaches to the great restaurants and the captivating sights. The good thing is that the prices can fit any budget and they are reasonable. The village’s famous octopus salad is a must try.
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So what else is there to see in this small village? As a trivia, they say that storks outnumber the humans living in the Comporta and you will find a stork nest in almost every chimney. Now that you are convinced that this village is the place to be,, you should ask where to stay in Comporta. As already mentioned, the trip to this village can be budget friendly but take note that there are only a few notable places to stay where the price is reasonable. Take note that there are plenty of rural accommodations. Anyways, these rural accomodations are okay. Don’t be so fast to pack your bags yet. Online booking might be your best friend here. Why should one explore online booking as an option here? Online booking can help you book your trip to many destinations in a very convenient way. Get that dream vacation that you have always dreamed off, visit Comporta. Because it does not get so populated, you can still say that it is absolutely beautiful. This website will help you learn more about Comporta.