Ridgefield, CT Kids

Ridgefield CT Kids

For Ridgefield CT kids the parks and recreation programs have many wonderful and fun events to take part in for kids of all ages. Parents of children in Ridgefield CT are in an enviable position of having many fine programs for their children to get involved in.

Checkmate Chess

One great program from the parks and recreation department is Checkmate Chess, for   youth and teens. This program is held at the Ridgefield Recreation Center and is meant to help the kids learn the language and rules of the game of chess. No experience is needed but if your child is experienced at chess then they will be taught at a level on par with their experience. Checkmate Chess is open for all kids in grades 1 through 6 and kindergarteners will be admitted on an individual basis according to the instructors.

Dance Classes

The parks and recreation department also has dance classes available, Tap ‘n’ fun for the three year olds, Introduction to Ballet for ages 4 and many other great dance classes for all age groups. For the Ridgefield CT kids who are into Yoga they offer Young adult yoga. This program gives the kids a way to learn how to ground their emotions and center themselves with yoga posture, all of which helps the kids with confidence and self acceptance.

Field Hockey

For the Ridgefield CT kids who want more action in their fun time, what about taking a class to learn Field Hockey! This program will teach the kids the rules and give them practice in the game of Field Hockey and will let the kids be ready to join the fall travel team. They also have Boys Drop in Basketball programs; see the website for more information at this website ridgefieldct.org.

Canine Carnival

For Ridgefield CT kids and their entire family there will be the Catherine C. Reiley canine carnival. Bring your furry four legged friends to the 7th annual Canine Carnival held at the Recreation Center. There will be dog obedience instructors available for learning how to help Fido be a better family member.

Museum of Contemporary Art

Another great Ridgefield CT kids and family event to enjoy together is the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, where they have exhibits and a sculpture garden. The kids, mom and dad can enjoy together all the wonderful art, photography and paintings. Parents seeking even more information about kids programs in Ridgefield CT can check out the Ridgefield Discovery Website at this address ridgefielddiscorver.org. Ridgefield CT kids and their families have many wonderful events and programs to enjoy together for a fun filled memory making time.