Parks of Cedar Park

The City of Cedar Park is one place worth visiting and living in. Its Parks & Recreation Department maintains over 500 acres of parkland, with over forty parks to go to. The place is a magical mix of paradise where you and your family can find a home and enjoy life along with the beauty of nature. The city is loaded with fun filled activities, making every day new and exciting!
A Peek Into Paradise
Cedar Park’s 500 acres of parkland, consisting of forty parks, is fully loaded with facilities that ensure your safety and supply all your needs. The lush greens of the park house 92 acres of cave preserves and pond detention areas, a community garden, basketball courts, tennis courts, swimming pools, a water playscape, a clubhouse, and many more! Homes in Cedar Park are well located to enjoy recreational facilities.
With 121 acres of undeveloped land, there are definitely more attractions to come your way! Not only is Cedar Park a fun place to be but it is also a safe one. You are in good hands in Cedar Park with its fire department, police department, plus an Emergency Management Department always ready to help.
Family Fun
If you’re looking for some family fun, Cedar Park is the right place to be. Just by visiting one out of the variety of park choices here, you and your kids will definitely have a memorable experience.
Try going to Bushy Creek Lake Park, a cool water playscape, with your kids. Bushy Creek Lake Park offers lots of hike and bike trails that promise a fun adventure for the whole family. You can also chill out at the pool in Elizabeth Milburn Park, where you can play basketball or go wall climbing. Certainly, activities like these will increase the bond among your family members!
Blast From the Past
In Cedar Park, nothing is impossible — even time travel! Be able to escape the present as you ride the Austin Steam Train, which brings you to a romantic blast from the past experience. With friendly and helpful train attendants at hand, you need not worry. This American railroad experience is safe and fun! See the sights of Cedar Park while aboard the train, where you can just sit, relax and simply enjoy.
Cave Adventure
Cave Day is an annual event at Cedar Park, where you get the chance to visit the cave reserves. It’s a one of a kind event where you get to be closer to nature. Get to explore the White Stone Cave Preserve, Cedar Elm Preserve, Buttercup Drain, Buttercup Creek Cave, Mushroom Cave, and many more! With cave guides leading you and telling you all about the caves, it is truly one adventurous and educational event!
Lake Travis
Just a few miles from Cedar Park, you can go visit The Highland Lakes, which consists of six lakes. Lake Travis, being nearest to Cedar Park, offers you priceless natural beauty, where you can hike, bike, boat, and just enjoy the outdoors. Many Cedar Park homes are on greenbelts and hike and bike trails.