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Learn to Sell Books on Amazon

The authors are very much aware of the fact that seeing their books listed on the web site is important for books sales. The number of people that are considering this specific web site as their source for buying books has actually increased. A trend that is offered by the web site which is never going to change is the convenience of ordering online at the comfort of their home. One of the many great things about this web site is that it offers various ways for an author to be able to sell his books. This article will guide you through the process since they can be both time consuming and confusing as well.

Since you are the author, you are presented with three ways in order for you to sell your books in the web site. To sell your book as an e-book, list the book at the web site and send copies to the web site and have a seller’s account. But this article will be focusing more on the printed books which is the last two options.

What is the main difference between making a seller’s account and letting the web site sell your books? Money and time is as a matter of fact the answer to that question. This means that you are the author which entails the responsibility of choosing which among money and time is more important to you. But you do not have to immediately make a decision since you can balance the two things while you are still determining what will work best for you.
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If you have been able to decide to let the selling of the books left to the hands of the web site then you should make an advantage account. Joining this account will mean that the bar code, copies of your books and an ISBN needs to be provided by you.
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There is still a need for your book to be listed on the web site if you will decide to become an independent seller. This means that you will still be in need of the advantage account. It will now be possible for you to be opening up your own seller account and become an independent seller if you will be able to find your book listed on the web site. In order for you to be able to know if the book is already listed on the web site then you can always look the title up. On the right side of the screen is actually a button that you simply have to click in order for you to start selling your book. As long as you have that number of copies, you can put as many copies as you want.