Moving from New York to Mississippi

I have always lived at home with my parents until I was offered a job nearly 500 miles away from them. It is pretty scary going off on your own, but it is even more so when it is so far away from everything that has ever felt comfortable. I had gone to college for four years though to prepare myself for this, and I knew I had to grab at the chance before it passed me by. That is why I started looking at apartments in Hattiesburg MS before I even accepted the job offer.

I wanted to make sure that the apartments there were affordable, as I did not want to get in over my head. I was being offered a really nice wage and benefits package, but after living in New York City, I knew that a nice apartment could eat most of that up. I was not counting on the cost of living being so different though, so I was really surprised at the extremely affordable prices given for the apartments that I was most interested in. I had found a nice complex by the name of Breckenridge Park Apartments with prices that were definitely within my budget range.

The main reason I wanted to live here is because of how secluded from the city it is. Even though it is right in the city, it seems as if it is not. The reason for this is because it is secluded behind a large lake and plenty of trees. After living in New York City for so long, this was such a refreshing vision, and I knew that I wanted to live there. It really helps that the apartments are so nice too. My parents were even impressed, and that is a really hard thing to make happen!