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Steps Taken in Mobile Game Development

Most people usually used mobile phones in the early days for communication purposes only. There have been significant changes that are made to mobile phones nowadays owing to mobile revolution and technological advancements making these devices very fun to use. There are various activities that one can perform with smartphones nowadays which include making calls, getting reminders, organizing calendars, chatting with friends, playing games among others. There are various steps that have been taken by the gaming industry in order to attract gamers towards using mobile phones. These devices are becoming more and more popular especially with the increased interest in playing mobile phone games among individuals. Games are developed to be used for a wide variety of mobile phones not only hand-held devices.

Technology has greatly been impacted on by the gaming industry due to tremendous growth that has occurred in this industry. Young people nowadays are gaining interest in gaming apps real quick making their demand to be on the rise. During game development, there is a process that is followed in order to create a fun game that will be loved by many people. The first thing one does is to come up with a game idea which is creative and innovative at the same time. In the gaming idea, one should include the experience they want players to gain, player details as well as the problem solving technique the game offers.

Once one drafts the game idea, the next step is to develop the concept. During concept development, there is a document that one makes which represents the four building blocks of games and contains a quick overview of the game. Game mechanics is one of the building blocks of a game. This simply refers to the rule set of the game which simply contains a description of how a player is to achieve the goal of the game. The board, starting position and the moves a player is required to make in order to win the game are briefly described.
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Another building block of a game is the setting whereby there’s a summary of the story as well as aesthetics of the game. All events that take place before and during the game are described in the story as well as the game world. How your game sounds and looks is what is described in aesthetics. The technology used as well as interaction provided between the design and users are the remaining building blocks of a game.
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The last step one takes is to create a prototype of their game. In the prototype, one should ensure they include the mechanics of the game and ensure that the prototype resembles parts of the game. One them designs the architecture of the game, develops the game itself and finally test it in order to ensure it works accordingly.