How to Spend Your Summer Vacations in Australia

So it’s summer in your country. It’s scorching. Some of your friends are headed to Kashmir, some to Ladakh, some to Switzerland. July to August are the winter months in Australia. So, there is no reason not to go to Australia this summer, especially with some many flights deals to Australia on sale. Here are just a few things you can enjoy in the land down under:

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is a ritual-see in Australia, and it’s your first visit, so you have to see it? Okay then, base your other to see destinations around the reef. The city of Cairns is one good option. With its extensive variety of coral life, you get the best scuba diva and snorkelling spots here. There’s Airlie Beach in Queensland which is the perfect beachy destination to get some sun, sand and water.

Fun Fests of Australia

Somehow, it’s always winters when film festivals are organised across the globe. Australia is no exception. You have film festivals being organised in the cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. The most popular is the Melbourne Film Festival (MIFF) which is held for three weeks and showcases around 400 films.

For those up for some more action, there are music festivals to rock in. Since you were already in Cairns, attend the Cairns Winter Solstice Celebration. Another rocking fest is the Splendour in the Grass, organised in Byron Bay. Come August and you have the Fireside festival at Canberra. A one-stop destination for food, wine and art lovers. Another hard-to-miss festival is the Adelaide Cabaret Festival which features 200 shows.

Yahoo! Skiing!

What better way to spend your summer vacations than rolling in the snow! I am assuming some of you are unskilled and non-dexterous enough to slip in the snow a couple of times. Victoria is where you will find most of the best skiing resorts. A popular among tourists is Mount Buller, which is a three-hour drive from Melbourne. A word of advice: if you are not an expert skier, consider hiring a trainer or get some local travel insurance done. Don’t consider yourself superman.

Get the Adrenaline Flowing visit a theme park

Australia is one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world, meant to mesmerise and enthral you. Known for its scenic ambience great food, a fascinating culture and countless attractions, the country garners footfalls in mammoth numbers every year. If its myriad attractions still lie unseen to your eyes, then it’s high time that you get an Australian visa and dash onto this exuberantly delectable country.

There are innumerable places to see Australia right from its regaling architecture to its crocodile parks & highways. Still, it is the theme park which makes for a tantalising trip especially if you have your kids along with you.

Dreamworld (Gold Coast, Queensland)

‘Dreamworld’ in Queensland is one of the dream destinations for all children and even some adults. Its charm lies in its diverse elements since it houses everything from a water park to an IMAX theatre.

Warner Bros Movie World (Gold Coast, Queensland)

If you love your popcorn movies, then this place lets you personally experience some realistic film sets, rides imitating famous movie scenes or characters, and plenty of other eclectic attractions.

Wet n Wild Water World (Gold Coast, Queensland)

The Gold Coast area houses another must-visit theme park in Wet n Wild Water World which is the best water park in the country. Depending on your preference, you can enjoy rides on both the thrilling and the serene ones.

Luna Park (Sydney Harbor, New South Wales)

Luna Park looks enticing even on paper and easily makes it into the coveted list of theme parks to visit in Australia. Its USP lies in its huge wealth of history stained with blotches of fire, destruction and revamping.

Adventure World (Perth, Western Australia)