Costa Sur Hotel at Cuba’s Trinidad

Recently, an international familiarization group related to the tourism sector and organized by the Cuban-Spanish Cubanacán travel agency arrived at the ancient Trinidad villa, in the Cuban central-south region where interesting details related to history, culture and leisure emerged, such as the reopening of a new hotel, the Costa Sur.
Tour operators, travel agents and specialized journalists visited varied sites such as the Pio Cua seo brisbane Restaurant in the Ciénaga de Zapata, and other interesting spots such as the Iberostar Trinidad hotel, as well as Brisas Trinidad, Ancón, Las Cuevas and the amusement centre Má Dolores, in addition to a city tour.
Nevertheless, the core of the visit dealt with the reopening of the Costasur Hotel, the fundamental aim of the trip.
The appealing Cuban hotel Club Amigo Costasur reopened to meet the increasing needs in relation to European tourists.
This facility counts currently with 132 rooms and it is located 300 kilometers to the east of the capital, in the south-central area.
Precisely, it is located in the city of Trinidad, in the province of Sancti Spíritus, famous due to the preservation of the colonial architecture and founded by Spanish colonizers on the 30th of November, 1514.
The Costasur reopened officially on the 30th of November, 2007, in the villa declared World Cultural Heritage by the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO).
Nevertheless, it restarted operations on last November 6th fully booked, at 100 percent, with European travelers mainly.
Among the new offers of this lodging, it is worth to highlight the buffet of the La Santísima Trinidad restaurant, made after the ship of the same name built in 1769 at the Cuban docks.
The hotel was inaugurated the 25th of July, 1975; and in 2001 gained popularity among the Canadian travelers, and after a hurricane it was completely renewed.
Cuba counts on more than 40 thousand rooms in around 200 hotels spread all over the country and it promotes the strategy of a sustainable and maintainable tourism.
Operations of this nation’s tourist group Cubanacán grow in order to celebrate the 20 years of its creation, stated the management.
Cuba receives more than two million travelers from all over the world each year, and they claim for more destinations related to nature, history and culture.
Nevertheless, the Cuban authorities anticipated on December 5, 2007, more recent data, an increase of 7,5 percent for this Island’s tourist industry during the winter season.
A report of the Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR), received by the tour operators that visited the Costa Sur, shows that they expect only for that “high tourist season” period, on December 2007 to April 2008, to receive 1,3 million foreign travelers.
That is why, with all this data in their hands and the marvels they found in Trinidad, they realized that Cuba features many sites worth to be visited.
Precisely, Hotel Costasur is located in a site that it is ideal to enjoy the marine view, as well as hiring diverse seafaris.