Adventure Travel Checklist


When you have made up your mind to go on an adventure trip for the first time, you need a lot of preparation and planning.  It is not a one-day affair. There are lots activities that you can try when you are heading for your much-awaited trip. There you can enjoy trekking, rock climbing, and adventure sports to name a few. You have to come out of your comfort zone to be a part of any adventure. It is undoubtedly thrilling and exciting to spend a night in a camp or trek the whole day. Before you start packing your bag, just have a look at the adventure travel checklist.

Equipment: Any adventure tour will be incomplete without adventure sports. So talk to your tour guide and get to know about the place. You can try rock climbing if you go to a mountainous region or you can go for river rafting or kayaking if you choose a sea surface.  Based on the place and activities you need to carry the essential equipment. For example, if you are going for trekking you need a proper trek shoe, costume, rope, and many more items that your guide can suggest you better. You can also search it out using the internet. Make sure that you have everything with you before you go out.

Dry food and water: You can’t expect that you will get tasty, spicy and cooked food when you are going for an adventure. There’s no room for usual comfort. When you are away from the civilization only water, dry food, and fruits can save you. So don’t forget to carry them in abundance. William Schoellkopf, an eminent traveler suggests the trekkers carry food that gives instant energy.

Clothes: Fancy clothes are not allowed when you are heading for an adventure. Depending on the spot you need to choose your clothes. Whether you are going to forest or mountain or desert, make sure that you are carrying clothes in which you are comfortable. Specially when you are going to a cooler place you need to pack warm clothes carefully. Always carry full-sleeve shirt and track pant which are not only comfortable but also ensure protection from the insects like leeches, mosquitoes, and more.

Medicine:   It is always advisable to carry your own first-aid kit when you are away from home. When you are going to outskirts for any adventure get prepared for that fact that you will not get a doctor and medical store to buy any medicine in case you fall sick.  Adventure revolves around walking, trekking, and climbing to name a few. So you need to carry sprain spray, tablets to cure pain, fever, and acidity which are commonly faced sickness.

Toiletries:  Although you will not get a bathroom for sure to take shower but to maintain some basic hygiene you have to carry soap, shampoo, hand sanitizers, and toothbrush. Sharing these indispensable toiletries is not a good choice so it’s better to pack them in your own travel bag.

In addition to all these necessary items, William Schoellkopf suggests everyone carry a camera to capture the entire trip. According to him, to make any trip memorable one should capture all beautiful objects and moments.

William Schoellkopf loves adventure in life and he never gets tired of traveling. Whether it is an official tour or a family vacation, he gets equally excited for any trip. Photography is his passion and he makes good use of his lens. To know more follow him on Facebook.