4 Top Beach Destinations in Jakarta

Jakarta is very popular with Rush Hour longest in Indonesia, especially in some places in Jakarta, almost every hour is always encounter traffic jams, so often people in Jakarta are many who are looking for a place to vacation on the weekend, in addition to refresh the brain and our mind who, always encounter the atmosphere of the town is boring, holiday will also give us the experience that probably you’ve never got before, actually in Jakarta and surrounding there are a lot of tourist attractions and a few rides on a family holiday, but this time we will focus on Coast Tourism , Besides Lots demand by residents of Jakarta, Scenic beaches are also not boring like other types of travel. To travel guides, you can see it in

And the following 4 Beaches in Jakarta, which became the most favorite tourist spot for people in Jakarta and surrounding.

Kepulauan Seribu

Thousand Islands have become a favorite tourist spot for residents of Jakarta who want a vacation, Thousand Islands is a part of Jakarta which is located in the northern island of Java. In the Thousand Islands and can enjoy a panoramic beach and underwater world that is so beautiful. And several islands located in the Thousand Islands and became a favorite destination of tourists is Tidung, Scout Island, Hope Island, and Pari Island. Each island on presenting the beauty of the beach will make you amazed.

Tidung Island

As we wrote above, one of the islands becomes favorite destinations of the tourists who are in the Thousand Islands is Tidung. The atmosphere of quiet beaches becomes an attraction for the tourists visiting the island this Tidung. Therefore a lot of travelers who relax enjoying the beauty of the island from the top Saung- tidung huts that have been provided on the edge of the coast. Tidung itself has a beach with white sand and water so clear, so it’s perfect for those of you intending to relax and enjoy your holiday with a variety of games and facilities that have been provided there.

Jakarta bay

Jakarta Bay is famous for its beaches are quiet and very suitable for off fatigue after many – day work and study. Jakarta Bay has facilities that you can rent for a rest and enjoy the quiet beaches and sea breezes. For those of you who want to dive or around islands around the Bay of Jakarta such as Angel Island and Pramuka island can rent the facilities provided by the developer. So for those of you who want peace very well suited when visiting the Bay of Jakarta.

Ancol Dreamland

Ancol Dreamland is located in Taman Impian Jaya Ancol which was already known and being the second favorite place after the thousand islands for residents of Jakarta and surrounding. Ancol Dreamland is a family recreation area that is visited by people in Jakarta on the weekend, therefore do not be surprised if this one tourist place is always crowded with tourists. In Ancol itself, there is a lot of entertainment that can be met, such as Dufan, Seaworld, Arena dolphins, and many more.

Thus was the place, where Tourism in Jakarta and surrounding areas where we summarize for you, Thank you for listening to good information on tourist attractions in Jakarta, and Happy Holidays.