Month: November 2019

Take a Luxury Nile Cruise to Discover Ancient Egypt

If you are searching for a romantic, relaxing way to visit the top tourist sites of Ancient Egypt, there is just one way to do this – take a luxury Nile cruise. Along the banks of the Nile is where the ancient Egyptians lived, and this is why most of the Pharaoh’s tombs and temples were built near or on its banks, and why the best way of navigating the attraction is on the water itself.

If you are considering going on a cruise, or are about to set out on one, we have chosen our favourite sites from the ancient world that you want to be sure to visit in order to make the most of this amazing destination. You can begin your cruise from Cairo in the north, or start your journey in the south from Awan or Luxor. In this article, we will be following the … Read More